Alright, I'm unloading leftover project stuff, and things I just haven't been using so here it is. All prices listed below are SHIPPED and if you buy more than one I will combine shipping costs. I am not computer literate, so I don't have pics on here yet, but if you PM me with your email or leave your email here, or send me an email at paulbouchard9@yahoo.com I can get you pics of anything on here. I'm going to hang on to the stuff for about a week, then it's ebay.
As far as trades go, looking for an EQ Pedal, a phase shifter, a tremelo pedal, and a boss AC-2. That's it.

EPIPHONE LES PAUL JUNIOR 90 This is a mint condition all black Les Paul Junior with a single P-90 Dogear pickup, also black. Has a set of Zepplin Straplocks on it so you can flare this little monster around. Sounds Great, I just haven't been using it since I got new stuff. $150.00

Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickup I bought this pickup new and had it in one guitar. It's in excellent condition, has the springs and original box. Still has about 7 inches of lead. SOLD

Dimarzio Pro Track Pickup Single coil, hum cancelling rail style pickup from Dimarzio. Installed in the neck of one of my strats, sounds great. SOLD

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Pretty self expanitory, made in Taiwan, scratched a bit but works great. SOLD

Electro Harmonics LPB-1 Linear Booster Inline Power Booster. It's small, the Nano version. It is the best booster I've used, if used through the effects loop. SOLD

Bright Red H/S/S Pickguard This is a WD pickguard designed for an HSS Strat. Looks great, brand new. $15.00

Chrome H/S/S Pickguard and Knobs This was the original pickguard on my HSS Squier Strat. It's chrome with 3 volume/control knobs which are matching chrome. $15.00

Squier Strat Neck and Body The body to my project guitar. It's a black Strat Body with a nice neck and oversized BLACK Headstock. Looks great and plays well. Personally I prefer the Squier necks over even the fender. $50.00 pending sale

Squier Humbucker and 2 Single Coil Pickups These are the pickups originally in my Squier. One Humbucker with 6 inches of lead, and 2 Single Coils w/covers and about 6.5 inches of lead. They are in great shape, I just replaced them. Selling as a 3 set. $30.00

2 WD Volume/Tone Knobs Both Black and Metal with set screws. $10.00
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i wouldn't mind that jr les paul.... one question, what makes it a junior? is the body smaller? or the one pick up?
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Quote by Deadkid248
i wouldn't mind that jr les paul.... one question, what makes it a junior? is the body smaller? or the one pick up?

It does have a smaller body. It's a very light guitar, neck is thinner and very easy to play.
what also makes it a junior is the single pickup. it is lighter and thinner, but the body's shape is the same size. it's still a full sized guitar is what i meant.

i may be interested as well. pics?

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I'm going to try and get pics of EVERYTHING up tonight. Anyone who has PM'd me you should have a response. Thanks.
About the chrome pickguard, can you take any pics, and tell if there are any scratches or anything on there? I might be interested in trading for a Behringer DD400 (it sounds great, is sturdy, even though it's a Behringer) or buying it cash.
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sd1 for the invader?
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Chrome Pickguard has no scratches, just fingerprints and I'll have some pictures up at some point this evening.

EHX Booster, yes I still have it. Its got velcro on the back, which peels off the metal casing easy and it's in mint condition.

SD-1, no thanks I already have an overdrive I use.
LP Jr. is sold. ENORMOUS Pics are up for the other stuff.
I have a 3-way switch, and a 5-way switch left. Pots are gone, if you want a switch just let me know when you are going to buyy something and it's yours.
Quote by twistudriffer
would you take any trades for the squire body and neck? thanx

I'd trade for any of the pedals I have listed in the initial ad, if you have any of those you are looking to deal.
Quote by 7PlaGues
will you do 40 shipped for the neck and body? i live in NJ for shipping purposes.

LP Junior is up for sale again. Other trade has fallen through.
Will take the cash, or will trade/discount for a Boss AC-2, a Digital Delay (w/atleast 1 second delay option), or an overdrive pedal (nothing specific in mind, just want to change it up a little).