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I need help writing lyrics

Song Name: At the End

Hook (catchy part of the song):

6|--0----7----7--5--5--5--5--3--0 (reapeat)

D G C Bb
1|--(2------) --(7--------) --12-------------10----------------------------------------------
2|--(---3---) 2x--(----8----) 3x--------13-------------11---------------------------------------
3|--(------2) --(--------7) -------------12-------------10----------------------------------

Please Help

Reward: sry no real reward but i will send an mp3 file through Email once finished thx

are you serious....... you give us that and expect someone to invent some lyrics for you. Wow, at leats tell us the timing (It's a pretty basic riff) or post an mp3 sample or something
-<$>- sPiNdLe FiNgErS -<$>-
Do do do do (variation of the hook)
At the end I will tell you
Wrote this song
Do do dodo do (the hook)
Do do dodo do

I wonder who could have possibly written this
Do do dodo do

I wonder if he is charming
Do do dodo do

You are going to find out who
Wrote this song
Do do dodo do

Do do do do
He really put
A lot of effort
(Do do do do)
Into creating
These lyrics
Do do do do
Do do dodo do
Do do dodo do

Foodlord wrote this masterpiece
Do do dodo do

Sorry, I tried.

1 - please read the rules in the announcement at the top of this forum.
2 - unauthorized contest.
3 - all threads will be closed if their titles have less than 23 exclamation points.
sadly yours only has 22. (sarcasm)
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Hi sharpshot. This section of the forum is for writing contests. Be sure to check the stickies and rules. There is a technique forum for discussion about writing and the main forum is for posting original work.

In the technique section, there is a thread for collaboration and that might be what you are looking for.

Best of luck with your song


EDIT: A second too late but I'll leave mine up for clarification I guess
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