hi guys.i've been in gear ads section for quite a while but this is my first time being here.

i'm planning to change the neck pickup of my epi lp custom and wondering what should i get.i play mostly metal,hard rock and power ballad(s).i'm quite satisfied with the gritty tone of the sh-6 in the bridge but i want something smoothier for the neck (better with alnico magnet).the gibson 490R i'm using is good but it's too sweet and not hot enough for my taste.

and i usually switch between bridge and neck pu in one song.and use mostly neck pu for ballads.and wide variety of gain.

i'm thinking of the SH-10 and want to hear comments of those who used it.also, i saw the RR5 have SH-4s in both positions and wondering how it'll work in the neck.

p/s:i'm in Vietnam,where trying different kinds of pu or guitars of amps or pedals is impossible

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Hang on... the 490R isn't hot enough for your tastes? The 490R is pretty damn hot as far as neck pickups go, I've got a Burstbucker #2 in my LP's neck and sometimes even that is a hot enough for straight-up metal and hard rock - and the 490R is even hotter than the Burstbucker #2...

And forsaknazrael is right, it's not a good idea to have a hot neck pickup. Do you even have any need for hot pickups? Are you really overdriving your amp that much? A lot of people buy hot pickups thinking they'll make their tone 'more metal', but then they go and under-power their amp and just use a distortion pedal instead... the whole (only) point of using hotter pickups is to drive an already maxed-out amp even harder. If you're not doing that (which I'm guessing you're not, judging by your other posts on this forum it looks like you're using distortion pedals and not actually driving your amp hard at all), then there is no point in increasing the output of your pickups.

I think you should keep the 490R, or if anything, change to a lower output pickup for the neck position. Just learn how to use (appreciate) the rest of your gear better. If you really need such harsh tone from the neck position, I suggest changing your amp or pedals...
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@forsaknazrael: oh yeah.i'm using a cube 60. and i'm funding for a tiny terror.

@MrFlibble: actually i use distortion pedal to add grit and sustain.and yes,i don't drive my amp too hard.

i change pu during a song quite often and i need a neck pu which has about the same power with the bridge.the only thing that i want to change is the tone.

i myself found that the 490R too sweet.i want something a lil' bit more edgy.or can i get that only by tweaking my pedals and amp??
if you're looking for a different tone, maybe a piezo set would benefit you? completely different sound, and you could just have a fancy little switch there for ya!

just an idea

Wait until you get a Tiny Terror. See how you like your pickups then - then come back to us.

You've got a modeling amp now - you're not likely to see much of a difference.

BTW, what country are you in? The TT isn't always the best investment. BTW, they're coming out with a Tiny Terror combo amp now. 'Bout time, I say.
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thanks forsaknazrael, leviticus_22953
any other idea???

i'm looking for high output neck pu.......

try Full Shred or the Jazz. the jazz is a moderate output pickup but can go from mellow sounds to agressive tones. just raise your pickup height to increase output. cheers .
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A Dimarzio Breed would be worth looking into too, they'll keep up with pretty much any bridge pickup but they also calm down nicely if you roll the volume off a bit.
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