I would like to have a cheap setup for when I get the itch to play some old tom delong blink. Does anybody know if a invader will wire up in a squeir? They say that that the invader is 4 wire...idk what the squeir is. Im going to call guitar center tomorrow. Anybody know?
there are better pickups than the invader. but it should work fine.
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yea it does i put one in mine...
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It would definatly sound interesting...

My buddy put a Burstbucker in his American HSS strat

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hahaha you wiring noob!

the squier uses the same pentiometers as any other strat, or ibanez, or gibson, or epiphone...

it'll match up , don't worry

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You can install any pup in any guitar, even if there is no room. I installed 2 stock Les Paul pups in my squire. All it took was a jigsaw, router, razor blade and about 2 hours. It has a Fender SCN middle pup and sounds so sweet. Incredible considering it's a Squier.