Have for sale or trade all this stuff.. Will post pics of anything on request..

12W All Valve amp head - Hand built Hand wired with top quality parts - Valve rectified 12watts. Single Channel, Volume & Tone controls.. Uses 6v6 power tubes, ecc83 pre, 5zu4 (I think) rectifier.. 8 or 16ohm outputs. £150

Squier Affinity Strat - White w/ Rosewood board - Alder body, great setup, plays like butter with 10s. Few minor paint chips on the body is the only negative everything else is in perfect condition electrics and hardware wise.. 9/10 condition. Great for a modding project. £50

Fender MIJ Telecaster body (Alder) and neck (Maple/Maple) - Body has no hardware, neck has everything (Tuners, string trees nut and neck pate with screws) Bought them to do up as a project but don't have the money to finish it so someone else gets a bargain. £40 for both


Sperzel USA Locking Tuners - 6inline, satin black - £40

Vantage VG-15r - Practice amp combo, FX Loop, Reverb, MINT - £20

Wilkinson Telecaster Saddles - Non-Compensated, Brass, Used but mint - £5

Wilkinson Telecaster saddles - Compensated, Brass, Never used - £8

Graphtech Telecaster Saddles - String saver, compensated, BNIB - £20

Kent Armstrong Telecaster Pickup Set - Vintage Hot single coils - £15

Telecaster Pickguard - Red aluminium, 5 holes, no scratches - £10

Behringer DD100 Digital Delay Pedal - Perfect working order - £10

Tradewise I'm looking for a good Wah pedal (Budda RMC Fulltone etc?) also semi hollow, archtop or resonator guitars.. Or a Gibson SG junior.. But make me any offers you want, I'll consider almost anything.

Oh and I'm in Stoke, Staffordshire, UK. So UK buyers only really.
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is the telecaster coloured? or wood colour

im interested

EDIT: how much would p+p be to surrey?

EDIT EDIT: pics?
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super duper interested in the tele. im in newcastle. i'll pay shipping. take paypal?
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would u include shipping for the £50 strat?
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still very interested in the tele.

i'll pay shipping to newcastle if you could get a price
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I'm not sure, it has no decal but it fits the body and has the correct headstock, and it's heel adjust truss-rod but by the look of the tuner holes I think it's an old MIJ or MIM Squier neck. Still it has a bone nut, the frets are good and the neck is perfectly straight. Looks like a vintage radius, probably 7.25".

so alls i need is body hardware, yea?

i think you may well have a deal here

take paypal?
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It doesn't have tuners like I thought it did so it'll need those too. But apart from that it just needs a bridge, pickups and control plate really.

No paypal sorry I've already used up my 6 transaction things on eBay stuff and don't want to pay fees to upgrade my account. Just cash in the post seems to work best, just hide it between some pieces of paper, saves spending comission on a postal order.
*is confused*

6 transactions? you cant even accept money?
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Only lets me accept money 6 times every 12 months unless I upgrade to a business account and have to pay some gay fees all the time to keep it open as a business account. I don't use it enough to spend the money on it.
i see

im not mad keen on posting money tbh. and tuners bumps the build cost up too =/
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i could do a bill payment online if you have lloyds tsb online banking or something
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i think it'd work. need a bit of a think first tho. i'll keep you updated
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Do you still have the locking tuners? Would you be interested in a traid for a pickup?
Not taking any online orders.
is the telecaster still available? you never replied me

EDIT: i'm still willing to take the strat aswell if its still available
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£10 is all i have now, i bought a TS9 yesterday hmmm how about a trade? BNIB Danelectro Fab Distortion or TS808 Behringer TO100? check the link in my sig for details on the TO100
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Possibly interested in the Strat (again). (Thinking of getting rid of my expensive gear and downgrading to a cheap guitar, Pocket POD and some headphones, seeing as I don't get as much chance to play anymore.) How much would shipping be for that?
interested in trading the tele neck and body and delay for any of the guitars in my sig?
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!