I tried this in the pit and got no decent answers so i deleted the thread, help me out would ya?

i dont really understand what this is
and for a project im working on, a theremin, its in the schematics as "Line Out"
its a pc board terminal
this one


so how do i wire a speaker or headphones, or SOMETHING THAT MAKES SOUND
to it?
The pins get soldered into a PC board, and it looks like there a screw terminals to connect wires to each terminal.
can you be a little more specific?
like, what kind of wires?

does it have to be a pc board?, could i just solder them to other parts?

Like electrical wires. Solid or stranded. They don't list the gauge, but they look to fit a maximum of 14 or 12AWG. Their purpose is to more easily make connections between PC boards or other circuits.

It doesn't HAVE to be a PC board. You can solder them to anything you like. Why do you want to use them?