Looking at the FM212R. It looks sweet, some youtube videos have really let me hear how well it sounds. I'm basically set on the choice. I had already decided a SS Fender amp since the Champ XD is so great. I'm just going to need something for bigger gigs and band practice. At 329 USD on MF it's looking like a few months before I buy it, but I think a shop here in town sells one for less. =] If it has an FX loop don't worry about Tube tone guys, I got a Tube EQ.

See Tube Works Tube EQ on google. It's pretty vintage, and nice sounding. =] I won't be getting rid of it.

The video that basically set my heart on it is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=67EtPbFgFKg
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FM is different from the Champ XD series.

Vibro champ XD is basically a modelling processor in front of an otherwise normal class A tube amp. Super Champ XD has at least one tube gain stage before being fed into a class AB power stage. Note that both have tube power section

FM, however, does not— it's SS power aection. Thus a tube EQ will not provide a tube sound.
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