Song is in profile.

This is one of my first attempts at singing. I hit a hard P near the beginning, so I need to get one of those screen things. Any feedback would be good.

I'd be happy to look at your work too.
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I really like this song, and you did it very well. For a near first attempt at singing it's not bad. Not great either though; you should sing louder while recording. Because the louder you are, the more you project your voice, and the easier it is to hit the notes. If you were worried about peaking during the recording, just put on some dynamic processing to avoid the red. But overall it was quite nice, guitar playing was done well, and there is some really good potential here.

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I didn't dig it too much man sorry, i guess its not a song that can be played like that, maybe im accustomed to the original, ill give u this though, you sounded like Jimmy Hendrix singing in the verses which is cool...
singing wasnt the best but it was ok, for first attempt it was good, but you can play the guitar seriously well, great strumming man, keep it up