So hokay I have a Schecter C1 Classic and love it but ever since I got it (used) the top E string rattles. Its not enough to kill the sound completely but its hearable when played. It really only happens when I tune it to Drop D or lower. My other string are fine but that one is a little off. I use 10 gauge and I was wandering what I should do to fix this.

If the solution is getting a higher gauge, what gauge should I get? I play mostly in Drop D if that helps. Would I have to adjust my truss rod if I did change because im kind of clueless on doing that and my local guitar center charges like $40 to do it so yea it would have to be me who has to do it haha.
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raise the action on the bridge...i dont feel like going into more detail
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You might want to try adjusting the action, depending on the guitar/bridge you have, and seeing how you play in an alternate tuning most of the time, try some ernie ball hybrid slinkys.
Most likely the action or the gauge of your strings.
So either raise the action, change out the strings, or do both.

Or the string just might be a little loose. If you don't like doing what I suggested, just recalibrate the string.
My C1 Classic also buzzes a little on the low E string. I remedied it by using a mixed pack of strings - designated Light Top, Heavy Bottom. The first three wound strings (EAD) are thicker than than a standard pack of 10s, whilst the bottom three (GBA) are the same size as a standard pack of 10s.

You could raise the action, but the action on a C1 Classic is already rather high. You could also bow the neck a bit more by adjusting the truss rod, but research this procedure as much as possible - Improper technique could damage the neck which is not good on a neck-thru.

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