Alright everyone, not really looking for any specific type of response, just sort of venting/ranting.

So about 2 weeks ago, I ask a girl to prom, she says yes, everything is dandy.

Fast forward to now, and she just told me she might not be able to go. Her SATs are on that day, and she has this meeting to help her pick college classes on that day too. She said she's gonna try to reschedule it, but if she can't, it is extremely doubtful she'll be able to go.

Her dad is the one paying for the dress, and he doesn't want her to go because of these reasons.

I'm just extremely anxious, and I guess I just needed to share this story with the pit. She said she'd hopefully know by Sunday, so basically these next 4 days are going to be the most anxious ever.

Thanks for listening/reading my rant.
.....hmmm go by yourself.....be all angsty and drive of a cliff on a motorbike...... or just use the good old 'you only have on prom' line haha
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that sucks dude, you might want to try to line up a backup if you're not comfortable going stag.

As far as the "only one prom" line, I unexpectedly ended up going to two... and I didn't even really think I would go to one.
Cry me a river.

Make her go with you?
Tie her Dad up in your basement so he can't object?
Steal his wallet after tying him up so you can afford the dress?
I dunno.
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that sucks. why the hell would she schedule SAT on her frickin prom? she seems stupid, so count yourself lucky she can't go. If you already bought the two tickets, then just ask a girl from a different school to go or a girl you know hasn't been asked already. not that tough. just be sure not to tell her that she's your second try or she'll get pissed. if you haven't already bought tickets, then screw it. prom is kinda overrated.
It's just a silly prom. Trust me, it's stupid and not fun at all.
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you wont be missing much. and you'll save plenty of money.
I have no opinion on this matter.
To pass the time, you should go skate on your guitar.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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It's just a silly prom. Trust me, it's stupid and not fun at all.

Someone didn't get any at their prom.
They're fun, but you don't need a date. Mine's in september, and I don't really plan on asking anyone to come. Not because I don't think anyone would want to, but I just want to go on my own.