As some of you may remember (yeah, sure ), I wasn't satisfied with how my first build turned out (see thread in sig). So time has passed and I have obtained a nice piece of white ash for my new body:

And I have drawn out my new design, it's a bit smaller and looks better to my eyes than the previous one:

I will take most of the hardware including the neck from the previous build as I'm broke and can't afford a whole new guitar worth of stuff.
However, as I strung up and played the first one, I began to notice that someone had really done a bad fretjob on the neck, they are filed way lower than I like.
So the first job I'm going to have to do is to attempt a refret of the neck. This has to be the first thing because I've never done a refret before and there is a good chance of messing up. When everything gets ****ed up, I can look for a new neck and then build the guitar according to its specs.

Technically it will be almost the same as the previous one, except for the ash body and I'm not going to put those single coils on this guitar - it'll be a HH. The singles didn't just cooperate with the Ibanez humbucker, they were too weak. I measured the resistance to be 16k ohms on the humbucker and this is the model Ibanez uses on their jazzy Artcores! I'm thinking of getting something from GFS as the neck pickup, any suggestions? I don't want it to be super hot, rather a bit more mellow to balance out the bright ash body.

I'm also still open to design suggestions if somebody comes up with anything cool or has an idea to improve my design.
Dude I love that Design
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The design looks alot more refined than the other one :P

Good luck
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^ wonder how that would look with a quilted sapele top and a black back... or maybe quilt maple with some kind of brownish/red dye...
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So, now I've refretted the damn neck. It's not as smooth as a professional job because I haven't got all these fancy fret files, I had to work with a flat file and sandpaper. I tested the fretjob on the body from my first build and located some spots of buzzing/badly inserted frets, which I then tried to correct with a hammer and sandpaper. Worked okay
Then re-lacquered the neck, it's currently drying.

The body is, well, under way
Still no bandsaw or router, therefore a regular hand saw has been my good friend.
This is what I've got now.
You can see the future carve lines faintly. I definitely need to carve the top, otherwise it would weigh a ton. Ash is a really heavy and dense wood. Sawing all this has taken a loooong time. I'm thinking of drilling out most of the wood inside the lower horn and the other "negative curves" and finishing the job with a rasp. Any comments on that idea?
Looking good so far! But really... ash... with a HAND SAW? Oh my God...
BTW the paint job on your first build is lovely.
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Time has passed and I've gotten some more work done.
I cut the body with the hand saw as much as comfortably possible.
To cut out the insides of horns and the 'waistline' I simply drilled a bunch of lines along the desired cut line and beat the piece off with a chisel.
I was becoming a bit desperate as the wood is a total bitch to rasp so I chiseled out the neck pocket. Didn't turn out as clean as on alder but it's okay. When gently handled, it held pretty well:

And then... I got hold of an angle grinder and attached some 36-grit sandpaper to it. Magic!
From this

to this

in no time at all! I love how the grain worked very well on the lower part of the body, it runs just perfectly along the carve.
I also thinned the neck joint part down on the back for playing comfort:

And a shot from the front, clearly showing the drill marks inside the horns:

I've got a nice silver TOM for it and some ferrules - it'll be string through. For pickups, probably GFS, I've heard the price-quality ratio is okay and I can't afford Seymours or similar fancy stuff. I'm looking for something warmer to balance the presumable sharpness of ash. Dual humbucker, although I'm toying with the idea to put one of GFS's mini humbuckers in the neck, they look cool but I've no idea about the sound.

I'm also pretty much settled on the colour. I used a leftover piece from the body blank and picked some black chokeberries from the garden. Rub wood with berries, the result is here:
looking sweet

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