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Hi everyone, Im a Newbie, of this 4rum and also of guitar playing, I've been playin for roughly 9 months now, nothing special, what about you guys?

Also, what age do you think is too old for learning guitar ? I personally don't think it matters, I started when I'm 22.
I'm not sure how long I've been playing, but I think it's close to 2 years.
Eh, well...earlier is definitely an advantage..

However, I'm 19 and have been playing for 19 months, and I'm not too bad.
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1.5 years
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Started bass about 5 or 6 years ago, guitar about 3.

I'm pretty decent on bass, and average I'd say on guitar, but I don't practice nearly as much as I should
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9 years, actually I started before that but never really practiced or took it seriously till 9 years ago.
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about 4 and a half years
i started with i was 11, but yeah, as long as you are keen and dont need to push yourself to practise, you should be fine
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2 years but I dont practice as much as I should

I tried to play like atleast 1/2 hour everyday, I think it should be enough
2 and a halfish years, started when I was 12, I'm 15 now,
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1 year and 2 months. other guitarists usually say i'm pretty advanced for playing that long.
Um like ten years, I started when I was 13, and I'm 23 now. And as far as the second question... You're never too old to learn how to rock.
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I bought it at least 6 years ago.
Played on off though, so probably about a year or two really.
Not overly interested, I'm still crap.
3 years at the end of the summer. I'd say I'm pretty good for my amount of playing time, not to brag.
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I've been playing the guitar for 1 years and roughly 6 or 7 months...I've been playing the bass guitar for 2 years...And I started when I was 14
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i've been playing with it since i was old enough to hold one.

but i've been playing seriously for almost 4 years now.
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