Last weekend my brother and I put a new radio in our family's pontoon boat, we also found the wiring harness for an old 8-track that was in there (it has a grand total of 4 wires ). So i decided to resurrect the dead, i got a 12v power supply and hooked it up, i then found the tape head connections and switched em out with an input jack. I've got it all boxed up now with a little silver box on top with the input and speaker jacks on it. So I've made it into an amp! This thing has lots of distortion (with no pedals), but when you turn it past 2 (which, 2 is pretty loud) it starts to make this noise that at first sounds like feedback, but you turn the volume down and it starts to sound like a seal (the animal) haha. it's pretty cool.
this is a video of it I made while still in the building process.
nice "amp". can i get a burger under that cheese?
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Haha, thats pretty cool.
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cool. sounds kinda ****ty, but for $3.50 is sounds like gold

My thoughts exactly haha. unfortuneatly, as you turn it up it sounds lots better, but it also makes wierd seal noises, but i think i could fix that with a beefier power supply but its good as it is haha.

heres a sound clip i recorded of it, with a good mike (Peavey PVi2). First its a little "clean feedback" (it wasn't even that loud lol) then as clean as i can make it (volume on guitar low and veeery light picking) then it dirty!

Edit: Oh yeah, i'm playing an Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson pickups
Edit 2: And i know i messed up Back in Black lol
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