I currently have $700 saved up (that's AU currency BTW, probably about 600-650 US) and I am in need of a good guitar.

I really badly want it to sound like this guys guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afElhiRirA8&feature=related

I know his guitar is probably really expensive, but I'm just wondering if there is anything in my price range that sounds simular to that one. Basically, it has to be able to handle hard strumming without breaking up.

So yeah, thanks in advance. ;D
Ah, lets make this clear;

Awhile ago I bought an Art & Lutherie from the store for $700AU.
But I have been reading on the forums that Art & Lutherie's in America are $200-$300US.

That's a pretty massive price difference between the exact same guitar :/

So yeah, just reccommend any guitars that sound like he's, just make sure they aren't too expensive.
Avoid Ibanez acoustic guitars. they have bad quality control.

There's also no point in saying "i want a guitar that sounds like _______" it's impossible to get the same sound.

I would look into a Guild GAD series guitar for $700.
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