Im getting an Ibanez ART100 in white and thought it would look cool if i put black hardware on it (pup covers, pup rings) and wanted to know if i could do the same with the bridge. Here is a pic of the guitar:

and here is the bridge:

or alternatively, could i just paint the bridge black?

If anyone has done this before or has any experience, advice would be awesome
the stock bridge looks like it might be higher quality. Don't sacrifice anything for cosmetic reasons.
painting it might be a good idea, but you might have to take it off. As long as you're comfortable putting the bridge back on correctly, go for it.
I wouldn't reccomend painting the bridge since it'll look tacky. Unless you know a place where you can get it powdercoated. I reckon you should just buy a bridge but as guerito says get something a bit higher quality.

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Paint wont stick well and will start to come off really quick. Youll find when it has economy in the title it usually isnt the best quality.
leave the bridge. it looks nice with chrome. anyway, that's your guitar. im just saying my opinion. if you want a good quality bridge, i'd try tone pros or whatever brand is out there.
save up for a better bridge i see the term dirt cheap in the address, the quality wont be good
try something like a gotoh
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