I play a variety of different kinds of music, mainly classic rock, hard rock, and occasionally punk/alternative and oldies. My ideal guitar for each style (EX: a thinline for some of the oldies and a p-90 LP junior for my classic rock), but unfortunately, I don't really have the money to pump into 2-3 guitars. While I don't need to copy tones directly, I want a diverse tone that works for everything I play. I was hoping the folks on UG could help me pick/create a guitar for around the $500 area.


1. NO FLOYD ROSE. (Had one once, gave me a headache)
2. Should be able to pull a range of tones from the guitar.
3. I can create a guitar, but because of the price range it would probably made from quality (but probably used) hardware with Project/Ebay body and neck.

Examples of music styles this guitar would have to be able to play:
-Judas Priest
-Black Sabbath
-Alice Cooper Band
-The Who
-The Beatles
-"Moderate gain alternative", Blink 182, Reliant K etc..

My current ideas:

Ash Strat, S-S-S, Carvin humbucker single coil (tapping) in the bridge with 2 dimazio vintage virtual blues

Les paul JR style guitar with either P-90, or tapping humbucker.

Some sort of SG.

Also, is it true that pickups like these and p-90s don't handle well with moderate to heavy gain?

Finally, dose anyone have any experience with GFS pickups/hardware..? Opinions welcome.

Thank you for reading.
(BTW: advice on pedals is welcome. I'm getting a Blackheart 5 watt soon, and I intend on getting the YJM distortion, a reverb and compressor to use for a clean sound.)
My current ghetto setup:

Crate VC508 (Needs new speaker and pots BADLEY.)
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BBE Sonic Maximizer (rack)
it looks like you are going to want a better distortion tone as opposed to crystal cleans, so I wouldn't buy a strat. The other options look fine tho, especially if you can get coil tapping.
Schecter S-1 Elite, its sooo versatile I love mine to death
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no floyd, splitable humbucker, light , through neck i think
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I have to say that while I probably need more distorted/crunching tone (in general) then clean tones, I also would prefer a bright sound to say, that of mahogany, that's why I've been leaning more towards Strats and SGs. Any other suggestions?

And check this out:


Anyone know anything about it?
My current ghetto setup:

Crate VC508 (Needs new speaker and pots BADLEY.)
Fender R15
Peavey T-60
Original LPB-1
BBE Sonic Maximizer (rack)
I would suggest some sort of SG, with two humbuckers and coil tap switches/push-pull pots. Basically that's the most versatile guitar you can get right there.

Or, Vintage make a Goldtop LP copy, that uses stacked P-90s (kind of like the Gibson Billie Joe LP Jr has). So it's a direct mix of single coil cutting tone with humbucker's power and less noise. The downside is the pure quality isn't so good, it's somewhere a little below an Epi Lp Standard.
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The guitar you will get most variety is a strat like HSH with push-and-pull.

Believe me. If you master the pick-up selector and the tone knobs nothing beat that configuration. ( and you can have a tremolo too ... )
Get a H - S - H configuration.
OR try out one of those Godin guitars with a piezo system built in