I've never gigged, but I'm assuming things such as:

"Thanks for coming out tonight!"
"You've been great!"
"This song's called *insert song name*. We hope you enjoy it"
"This one's a fast/slow one. So make sure (to) jump around/lighters out"
Francis Rossi used to come out and say -"You're not going to like us so get ready!"

I'd have thought that would break the ice. Just say what comes naturally - I do.

EDIT: Oh! Also get them to applaud the band on before you and make sure you introduce the next band in a roundabout way like "suchandsuch are on next so HOLD onto your hats! Or something not that cheesey...
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"How you doing (insert town name)? You all smell terrific!"

I've seen a band do that. It was awesome.
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just say whatever is on your mind at the time. the audience can tell when you're bullshitting.
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just dont say something really corny
and don't try and be cocky
From experience I've crowds hate that

Youve gotta start off well, use a good sense of humour and involve them in the set.
Give them a little background behind the songs but don't go into too much detail or else it just gets boring
our singer usually cracks a joke or two
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"Good evening, <town name>, and yes, we are sober."
-mess up an intro-
"Well, mostly."

You could say "You're better than (rival town)", normally goes down well.

Don't say "If you throw bottles we will come down and kick the **** out of every one of you" Didn't go down well
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"welcome to the end of your ears being able to work" i dont know
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I front my band... even though I play the guitar but we try to keep all the talking down I say hello and like we are gonna rock you tonight hope you all wanna join after the first two songs, then we keep it down to introducing the songs just trying to keep the speed up all the time, never give 'em a break just keep it coming=) Sometimes I say something special if someone has done something cool in the previous song or if something special happens, like once there was one guys birthday and I managed to get everybody singing the Swedish version of "happy birthday".

Before our last number I introduce the band while our drummer plays the beat of the last song and when I'm done we jump right into it making everybody jump to the rooftops =)

hope something of our set is useful to you
Just say "Hello Cleveland!"
Chances are, you're correct.
Just say "Hello Cleveland!"
Chances are, you're correct.

Call me Batman.
I've never done any shows, but as a member of the audience, I know what I like to hear.

Look up old hendrix videos, see the way he's just genuine and authentic with the crowd. I have lots of tracks on my ipod which still has the talking at the front or end, its awesome. He's just really nice and he says what he's thinking. Also one of the local bands around here does this cool thing where the front man talks to the crowd while the bassist and drummer keep playing a little quietly, the lead guy gets the audience to shout stuff (like 'hey hey') and they time it so that the bass and drums kind of build up to the audience. Its awesome, but good luck trying to figure out the timing.

moral of the story: Be genuine and nice.
whatever you say do NOT make it look prepared, the audiance hate that.
watch iron maiden's bruce dickinson he's great at the talkin he se things like: last time in LA sum1 thru an egg!!!!! so if you see some1 with an egg i n there hand make sure that muther f***in shannonfu*ker doent leave the god damned place alive!

be ready to make fun of yourself and also you could talk about how you made a song e.g.: here a song written by *insert name* or: heres one of our first sngs ...
make sure to say the band's name and the players' names enough to get it out there.