Are there any really nice sounding acoustics under £200 or am I better off spending some more? I'd like it to have a fairly thin neck since I have small hands as well as easy upper fret access.
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look at Lag acoustics. they sound great, the neck is thin, and they're very affordable
i got mine for £140, although i did haggle a bit.
also Dean were doing a pretty good package deal with an acoustic amp on Gak.co.uk not long ago, i dunno if the offer is still running, but have a look anyway.

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Crafter do some nice acoustics, also check out some takamines, I'm pretty sure that the takamine I've got (EG260C which is, by the way, one of the best acoustics I've played in the price range) is under £200
My Tanglewood TW115ST cost around 200 quid. I played a few at a local shop and it narrowly beat a Crafter.