Hi there,

Am considering buying a Peavey 6505+ amp head, but I have not found a good review about the peavey cab that is supposed to accompany it. What would be a good choice of cabinet?

I have heard that a Mesa Boogie or a Marshall cab goes quite well?
I guess you play metal?

I have a Marshall 1960AV cabinet which has Celestion Vintage 30's in it which are pretty agressive sounding when pushed which is great for metal, but they have a large mid spike on them, which is great for a scooped sounding amp like a mesa recto, but the 6505 already throws out tonnes of mids so you have to be fairly easy on the mids when EQing but I find it to be a great combo.
If you're in the US I would recommend also checking out Vadar - they have Eminence speakers and are said to be amazing for the price for high gain stuff.
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Marshall 1960AV cabinet .


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I like the Vader stuff. Custom eminence legend speakers in an indestructible box. Can't beat that....
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A V30 loaded Randall XL cab kills!!!
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Marshall AV or AC cab (i prefer AC, but thats because i personally prefer greenback speakers above V30's)
Stay away from the 1960A cab. In combination with the 6505 it results in a fuzzbom. Its just not nice anymore. V30s or Greenbacks work alot better than the G12T75 speakers
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Vader cab would be awesome. The Marshalls are decent as well, but unless you're going used, there's many others I'd rather have. You really can't go wrong with any Mesa cab.

If you're on a budget, check out Avatar as well.

And yes, don't use it with Celestion G12T-75s, the 5150/6505 really doesn't like those speakers
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V30s or Greenbacks work alot better than the G12T75 speakers

Better? How about differently? I don't like to think of tone as "better" or "worse", but different. I've heard many tones from 6505's plugged into 1960's that sounded great. I have a 5150 that I plug into a hand built cab with G12T-75's that sounds great, for what I play.

TS, see what's right for you. Try to play the head with a few different cabs. If you can't, then you'll have to trust reviews, which isn't too fun.