Hey... i need some bass effects.. not a multiFx but single pedals
i need an overdrive, distortion, chorus, and if possible a pedal tuner!
I can prolly only buy 1 or 2 because im short on cash at the moment but let me know if you have any of these!!!
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I have a BOSS ODB-3 bass overdrive pedal, and its a flipping tank! this pedal gives u that sweet grinding overdrive tone, and also a smooth distortion that i LOVE. its a BOSS, and those are always economy budget for sumthin real great. examples of songs it can paly would be: around the world, anethesia, stf like that that was mad grinding overdrive, or balls out distortion. I heard the MXR blowtorch is pretty sweet too

haven't heard to much about chorus pedals, i heard the BOSS one was rather standard, nothing too outstanding.

make sure you try the pedals first yourself. dont just go by my opinion or any other persons, cause wen it comes down to it, YOUR the one whos playing the instrument, and it should suit wat YOU want