I have an Alvarez Electric guitar. And I cant Find Any Info About It. Does Anybody know anything about it? It Looks like this only it is not signed by Kiss. It has the same color finish as this one also.

Alvarez ....mmmm never heard that brand before ...could u post some pics ... maybe somebody could help you out...
i've heard of Alvarez acoustics, not electrics, though.

TS, How does it play?

yeh theyre an acoustic brand ussually which is what makes this thing wierd. but it plays freakin awesome. the sound is great.
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my lead singer has an alvarez electric as well and we are lost as to wtf it is. its got the same body and headstock as that one but it has 2 emg looking humbuckers, 3 knobs, 3-way pickup selector, and some sort of tone switch. plays amazingly.

check this out see if you can find something about it. i'm searching right now.

EDIT: found out what they are! Dana Signature Series, mine AED 100. Yours, the AED 200. unless the inlays are pearl not black and double locking vibrato, then it would be the 300.

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