Hey, my band is currently looking for a drummer, we're experienced players, i play Guitar, piano and i also do vocals, and my friend is the bassist.

My bands over a year old now, we've had various drummers, but lost them to due to various commitments they have.

Our genre is rock, we're heavily influenced by Muse and other artists within or surrounding that genre, and we're also influenced by classical music

We do covers, and we're also very - very keen on making our own stuff, we already have a few full songs under our belt, but we havent recorded due to a lack of a drummer :P

I'm 17, and my bassist is also 17, we're looking for someone who lives pretty close to bolton/manchester, or even in the Northwest, we'd be happy for anyone around our age to play, however 13/14 and years up will be appreciated.

Please contact me if you're interested, or even if you're considering it, at cmk_andy@hotmail.com
Drummers in Manchester seem pretty hard to find, asking on partysounds or somewhere would probably give you more luck than asking a guitar site.

However, if you want another guitarist, just ask
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