I'm looking to learn some med-speed shredding. I really cant go fast yet.

What songs or riffs could i learn to get me start on my way?

I got a whole summer to REALLY practice

And since i cant really be arsed to tune my guitar up to standard or drop D, something in dropped C# would be nice?

Please dont suggest I Cum Blood :P

Thanks a lot in advance guys.
"Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath is perfect for you. You could also try Crazy Train by Ozzy.
Anyway what kind of music do you like the most? If it's punk you should try Ramones etc.
Ah yes, the excellent crazy train. I can play that, but i'll go learn the solo now Thanks.

Will try out sweet leaf, although (*shame*) i'm not familiar with it! haha.
Thanks mate.
yeah, I don't no how good you are but IMO one of their fastest songs is screan aim fire, think its D standard so its only one string you need to re-tune
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Anything by ACDC or Metallica.

If you haven't already, learn all of Stairway.
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