I'veposted a few time on this now. Was hoping someone could talk me through how to fit this vitage style whammy arm to mey guitar.

I want to fit it o my tele which has a 3 sadle bridge. The string come through the bridge not thru body like newer ones.

Someone said I need to take the bridge off but iwasnt sure abut it.

This is it anyway http://store.guitarfetish.com/vistsumowhba.html
can someone please help.

It would consist of removing the bridge and putting this tremolo on it.

EDIT: When I say "it" I am referring to the guitar.
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You will need to take off the old one and probably need some new holes. As its a tele you will need to find a way to mount the pickup as the bridge plate holds it in now. Never used one of these style wammies. But for 25 bucks its not going to be a very good one or last very long. May not stay in tune very well.
If it sets up that way he would need to change the saddles. The regular tele saddles werent made for the strings to slide across em.
if think this may be a **** idea correct me people if im wrong, buy a string through bridge for your tele and have this on the end of that and you may be able t use it but otherwise i dont know, it s puzzling me:S
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Yea it'll need a string through tele bridge, or some minor changes too the current bridge,

Without buying anything new:
One idea is (its a bit makeshift but should work) On the back of the tele bridge, behind the saddles, there's like a lip, (sorry if this gets confusing) There will need to be grooves cut on them, where the strings will pass to go to that whammy bar. But make sure the strings don't catch it at any point or they will be prone to breaking.

A top loading tele bridge would be ideal for this, and filing down the back, essentially is one, whereas instead of grooves there are wholes, but this is a lot simpler for this kind of work.

This is only an idea though, where it would work or not is another matter, it should do, although never done it personally.
You could buy a gotoh tele bridge, and then buy some roller saddles for it. There goes binding at the bridge.
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Hi Guys

sorry if i wasnt clear but it is a thru string bridge so the strings DONT go thru the body. I thought similar to someone who posted in that it could go behind the bridge without any major changes.

I spoke to a guy at the site before I bought it and they said it would go on a tele ok.

and please dont tell me how **** it is or what i cant do with it.
As stated the lip of the bridge plate will have to be modded for the strings to be able to go over the saddles. And the regular 3 saddle set up wasnt made for strings to slide over them. Will it work as the salesman said yea just not very well. Let us know how it works out.
Can anyone else help with this please?! Talk me through what wasy it can go on and how to do it?
what mods will I have to do? I thought it would fit on pretty easy possible before the bridge?

Need to do this now I've got it so PLEASE help
take it to the store and let them have a look. they will provide you with everything you need to know.

You should need to remove the tele bridge, install a new bridge, at the right scale, and use the whammy bar as the tail stop.