Hey i was wondering if anyone knows what i need to do or say to get a job at a guitar store like just general **** that will help i guess.
Tell them that you hate playing the bass.
They just want you to do crappy hours. Say yes, thats how you get a job.
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Walk in to the shop on a busy Saturday afternoon and do your best goatse impression, success is almost gaurenteed
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Uhh, tell them you actually play guitar, you know what most of the equipment is, or does.

Stupid, yet obvious stuff like that.
As I always say: "Rawr"
Say 'Please can I have a job? Pretty Please?, Pretty Pretty Please' etc
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Bring a CV.
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Write a CV.
Make sure to include guitar/music in your interests.
Ask them if they're hiring.
If they say no ask them if they know when a vacancy will be available and insist they keep a copy of your CV.