Which is the easiest song to play by slipknot and how do you tune to D-tunning ?

Is it down on everything 1 step and then 1 more och the d string ?
Dropped D tuning is the low E down a step.
D standard is every string down a step.

Slipknot play in Dropped B tuning. That's Dropped D tuned down 1 and a half steps.
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my bad all strings are dropped down a tone

try learn vermillion part 2


at first i though u said drop d

Do you have a good tab for that song? I've been dieing to learn it man
Slipknot have also played in Drop A just for reference. \m/Gaz, Iowa imo is considerably easier than vol. 3--Blister exists has some somewhat difficult lead parts, Opium of the people relatively challenging, Welcome has some very difficult lead parts, and Pulse of the Maggots does as well. No such thing on Iowa. Also, honestly Vermillion Part 2. probably isn't the best suggestion, as while it's easy, most people looking to learn slipknot probably aren't as interested in their acoustic stuff.

SlayerofReality, if there isn't a good one on this site, which I'm hesitant to believe, I can make one.
^yeah, Welcome and Pulse of the Maggots have solos, but the riffs on vol. 3 are easier imo, for example, the riff to left behind is a lot harder to play than the riff to before I forget. Other than the solos, vol. 3 is easier imo, and the solos aren't awfully hard anyway, most of it is just random notes.
A few things--1: The Blister Exists and Opium of the People have some lead work too.
2. I'm not going to comment on riffs--I never personally found Left Behind difficult, but that's more of a personal opinion thing.
3. While most of the patterns and such used in the solos on Vol. 3 aren't too hard, Jim Root was clocked picking as fast as any alternate picking by Rusty Cooley that's been clocked.
4. The solos on vol. 3 aren't really just random notes. If you actually look through them, most of them follow somewhat of a pattern. Pulse of the Maggots is a bit more random than the rest though.
5. Random notes doesn't make something easy to play:


Sorry, i'd add more to that little tab but I have something more urgent that I need to do. I'll add more in a sec. It's 16th note sextuplets and septuplets at 125 BPM. Also, for anything above the 24th fret, you are supposed to tap with a thimble. Also, as it's bumblefoot, it may not be random but it sounds as random as anything i've ever heard....
Nah, Left behind isn't hard to play, but it's hardER than most of Vol.3, for example :

Left Behind


Before I forget

|-----------------------------------------| |--------------------------------|
|-----------------------------------------| |--------------------------------|
|-----------------------------------------| X6 |--------------------------------|
|-0h2--0h2h3p2--0h2--2h3p2-----| |-5-5-0-0-5-5-0-0-----------|
|-0h2--0h2h3p2--0h2--2h3p2-----| |-5-5-0-0-5-5-0-0-----------|
|-0h2--0h2h3p2--0h2--2h3p2-----| |-5-5-0-0-5-5-0-0-----------|

I haven't listened to them for a while, so I couldn't remember about the lead stuff in Blister exists and opium of people.

And about the 'random' stuff, I wasn't saying that makes it easy, I was saying it doesn't sound particularly great, so it's not an essential thing to learn, I guess for a beginner it'd be pretty hard to get used to, but the 2 songs I've suggested, Duality and Before I forget have no lead parts, so they're pretty straight forward.