okay, my band was practicing and we noticed my guitar was outta tune so i used my friends tuner and tuned it up. But then as I played I hit the high e string and sustained it and it started dropping outta tune, it sounded funny, but it wasnt cool, because when I retuned it I thought the string would snap, the strings have been on for like 10 months, should I replace them?
Hey I went 2 years w/o changing it before~ so ya, its not a new record for me.

besides I'm outta strings, my little brother broke them all trying to fix his guitar, his is awful, he broke like 5 strings on the 3rd day he had it.
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1-2 months resting u guitar if used constantly

Change Strings Now.
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That guy meant change your strings every 1-2 months if you play regularly. You really shouldn't go 2 years without changing your strings. New strings cost like $6 a pack, and they suffer very poor quality sound after about 3-4 months of use.
Put Some Dr Strings On Ur Guitar
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as every one else has said, change your strings. i usually change mine once a month.
We could make this a record.
Longest time a simple "change your strings" fix post can go on.

I would try changing the strings if I were you.

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