I was going to get a double necked 1275, but then i saw this:


Its a 12 neck Fender Strat. I dont know if you could buy it, but how ae you going to play it. Is there anybody here who has a 1275 double neck. Give me your review on it. I might end up buying a double neck strat if you guys give me a bad rating on it.
well yeah, i'd kind of hope so, i think that the 1275 would be far more practical and usuable than er, the fender "wall organ" 12 necked guitar....
how are you gonna play a 12 neck strat, you would end up spending thousands of dollars on a pointless instrument
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oh, sorry, i only skimmed read...

i think that a double neck strat would be well, strat'y whilst the gisbon would be a gibbo. its up to you whether or not you prefer single coil tone to humbuckers, just play them both and see which sounds best to you...