Hi there, this is my first post on Ultimate-Guitar

I have been looking for a nice 80's style guitar with super low action for a while now.
I am able to get a 1986 Kramer Baretta (original) for $775. Do you all think it's worth it?

I have seen and played the guitar in real life. The FR is out of this world, and I haven't felt any neck like it...The condition is great but I don't know how much longer it will last, being a 22 year old guitar.


-On Dimarzio Tone Zone at bridge (that's the only thing not original, the owner changed it from a SH-4 JB to a Dimarzio Tone Zone sometime in the 90's).
-Original Floyd Rose
-Maple Neck

Should I go for it? I'm leaning towards....getting it

Below is a picture of it
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Wow i'm serilously jealous,

if you love it, buy it! it looks incredible
Nice find.

I got an early 1983 Kramer Pacer several months ago and have been playing the heck out of it and it's held better than some newer guitars I've seen. I don't gig so I can't be sure if it's road worthy, but it's definitely tough. I don't see it crapping out on me for any reason, for a long time. The only thing I've had issues with is having to resolder some of the wire contacts but that takes just a couple minutes at most. Nowhere else was I going to find a guitar with an OFR, fast but not stupid-thin neck, a one-piece body, MIA quality and construction all for just over the price of those BC Rich reissues.

And even though I did this recently.... more Kramer showing off!

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For a 20 year old guitar that looks pristine in that pic. worst case the floyd might need changing but knowing floyds thats doubtfull.
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Good buy. Mine is a year older, and a succesive model. Yours will be slightly better than mine. Although, mine has a guitart.

A thread with some pics:

EDIT: Just so you know, the neck pickup is a mod... Not my job, either. The previous owner installed it.

EDIT2: Read through your description... 775$ is a bit steep. The axe is well worth it though. I agree with you on the neck thing - those things are incredible. I've had many guitars in my life, but not a single one could compare to this baby... Maybe with the exception of the Gretsch White Falcon.
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