My bands arguing over a few songs, so i want to get your opinion so the idiot who likes eggs will shut up. Please give your opinion:

b. Talk About Love LED ZEPPELIN
c. Stairway To Heaven LED ZEPPELIN
d. Don't Fear The Reaper BLUE OYSTER CULT
e. Sweet Child O Mine GUNS N ROSES
f. Crazy Train OZZY

Now hopefully theyll shut up.

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It appears you're 12 years old and therefore shouldn't be on this site. In addition, your post makes no sense to me, rephrase it.
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if you are asking if they are good songs then yes they are
if you are asking if you should play them, no don't
now extra flamey
if you're askings which songs you should play:
crazy train and dream on
and now for something completely different..
I'd say I Cum Blood would be a better choice personally...
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Good songs to listen to, bad songs to play for a show.

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I'm the drummer, my friend drummer11 is the lead guitarist. gibsonsg36 is bassist. Theyre the ones that think they can pull it off. i just hit stuff with sticks. i wanted to play dont fear the reaper because of the snl skit "NEED MORE COWBELL"!
I'd say that you should write your own material. If you like those, use them as inspiration. Don't copy them or their themes. Jus use em as a jumpin off point. But yes, they are damn good songs.
crazy train, dont fear the reaper and iron man would be do-able. Dream on would only be alright if your singer can handle it. Just don't do Stairway...
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i cum blood

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stairway has a kind of ethical copyright
every guitarist learns it
but its just not right to play
just not right
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Dream On. It's the only one of those which isn't covered by every 13 year old that thinks they're badass.
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Dream On. It's the only one of those which isn't covered by every 13 year old that thinks they're badass.
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