I'm a big fan of DVD home videos and such... I don't have a whole lot, but a few...
some of my faves are (not all of these are "Metal Forum approved metal bands)

Alice In Chains- Music Bank
Black Sabbath- Last Supper
Corrosion Of Conformity- Live Volume
Pantera- 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell
Arch Enemy- Live Apocalypse
Slayer- War At The Warfield
I saw the Emperor one a long time ago and thought that was badass
Korn- Deuce
Black Label Society- Boozed, Broozed, and Broken Boned
Lamb Of God- Killadelphia
Opeth- Lamentations (can't wait for TRHT DVD!!!)
Megadeth- That One Night, Arsenal of Megadeth
Soulfly- The Song Remains Insane

...and ALL the Metallica DVD's, from Cliff 'Em All to SKOM, but my favorite is A Year And A Half In The Life Of... that DVD is orgasmic! From the writing of the songs, to pre and post production, to the headline tour, to the GNR/Metallica tour... there's so much good stuff there.

I've heard lots of great things about IE's Alive In Athens and Acid Bath's Bootleg

So anyway, what are some of your faves?