We've just started a group called UG's own song, and now we are looking for more musicians to contribute to the song. The idea is we get any many UG'ers to contribute to one song, and then we ask for input from other UG'ers who aren't part of the writing process, with votes and stuff.

Check out the group, http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/ugcollaboration/ and join if you are interested. Go to the musician sign-up thread and post what you want to contribute. We are really just looking for any type of musicians.

My main instrument is guitar.

- more than one, we need writers, composers, and singers
- no singers are signed up yet.
- we really need lyric writers

Piano players
- No piano players are signed up yet.

Guitar players
- I want people to share ideas with, and different people can record different parts to get different sounds.

Bass players
- I do play bass, but i would rather stick to guitar and get someone else on bass. again we can have more than one bassist for writing, but only one should record.

- we can use more than one drummer; while we probably will have one drummer record the main drums for the song, we need ideas from you, and we haven't picked a recording drummer, so if you got the equipment, it might be you who records. Additional drum sounds and extras can be recorded by others who have different style drums.

But we would also be interested in other instruments:

Violin, sax, harmonica, ukulele, whatever you play, just write about yourself and your instrument in the sign-up thread and we might use you.

http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/ugcollaboration/ to join. Look forward to you joining.
I might come up with some riffs for you
Please check out some of my original music and leave me a comment @ SoundCloud
(or in my profile!)

sounds cool
good luck
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i like how every single instrument gets to have multiple players... except the bass.
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add that:
and drums.
Would it really be useful in anyway to have 2 people recording bass? Like its best if the bass sound stays constant, if it wasn't the EQ would keep changing and the level and it be jumping around in the song from part to part. Which is cool for guitar, but not bass.