I'm not looking to get ANYTHING fancy, just room play, no gigs or anything. So i'm not planning on spending a major chunk of cash. Will this guitar be good, just for playing around on?


I've never had an acoustic, and i just want a cheap one, just to have one.
Is this guitar at least an "OK" guitar?

looks good to me, looks nice and doesn't say CHEAP all over. it actually probs better than mine for playability lol, i say go for it.
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if you are looking for just "ok" then yes that will suffice. Might be worth the extra 50-100 for something a little nicer that you will end up liking more down the road

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Just make sure you add some picks or something else you're going to need to qualify for the free shipping.
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if you really can't spend more than $100 then yes, that's an OK guitar. if you can spend a little more and want to actually get a pretty good guitar... have a look here:


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Yeah that looks fine, but i do agree spending a bit more to get a solid top should give you a guitar that you would be relatively happy with for a long time unless you go proffesional.
Don't know about that Epiphone, but i bought this one from them: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jasmine-by-Takamine-S34C-NEX-Cutaway-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=516458 and i quite happy with it for the money i paid. Nice action right out of the box, good intonation, no fret buzz on any fret and even the stock strings were brand new.
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