I am looking for a humbucker for my Sheraton that will give me a nice and clean tone. I play (non-dirty) blues and some jazz as well. Some of my favorite tones are: Gravity by John Mayer, Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and other stuff like that. Basically, I want a humbucker with a nice but not flabby low end and smooth high end. Any opinions?
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Duncan Alnico II Pro?
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I would get in touch with CorduroyEW and ask, because a lot of those tones are Single-coil orientated and the others humbuckery? Anyway he makes a pickup called a Texan 2Face which is basically 2 vintage 50s/60s single coils wired together as a humbucker, and when split they can get a very nice single coil tone, and in humbucker mode they can get bright and smooth but with a very nice bottom end too.
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Well 'cleanest' humbuckers would be lowest output humbuckers. Pickup buying can be a bit of a lottery because it is very hard to find a clip of someone playing the same pickup on the same guitar through the same gear.
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Corduroy could probably hook you up with the best choice for you. 10% discount to UGers too. Not too expensive considering they are handwound and sound great. But maybe a Duncan Jazz? Not too sure...