so i'm customizing an epiphone sg that has only two pick ups. i want to add a third in between the two and i was hoping that theres someone out there whose done this. what tools would i need plus the proccesses that it takes to complete this task. please and thank you.
You would need a router or in a pinch a drill press with forstner bits. IF you can do it without taking chunks out of the paint around the hole you could get away with painting the hole only. But the middle pickup as said wont make a huge difference tones. And the switch I think used on those guitars is bridge, middle, neck. You cant mix em anymore unless you went with a rotary style switch. And would lose one of your tone to become volume for the middle. Or 3 tones and a overall volume. Some lose the switch altogether and just have 3 volume controls.
I'm not sure about this but maybe you could get a template, a router with a bearing and an exacto knife and try it this way. You could trace around the template several times with the exacto knife in the place it will be routed so that you are going through the finish. after that you could just route like normal. The exacto knife should prevent any finish chipping outside the route. I'm not 100 percent sure that would work out, but if I was in your position I'd do that.
the reason for this is because a) its going to be a dropped A# (drop D in standard tuning) with the bottom for gauge strings that would be used on a seven string guitar. then the middle pick-up would be a bass pick up. one thing i'm considering doing but i dont kno if i can is connect the two guitar pups to one volume knob and the bass pup to the other. yes i kno a bass pup on a guitar apparently is a sin but i'm trying to get the even lower sounds that drop A# would provide
I see what your trying to do but wouldnt the bass knob on the amp, an EQ or and octave effect do this much easier. Or a 7 string guitar Im pretty sure thats the issue they were made to address.