So I've been trying to get good at finger picking, had a look at the lesson on it but I just can't get my right hand into a position where I can move all of my fingers comfortably or without muting the strings. The lesson didn't say anything about where my hand should be. Should my pinky finger be anchored below the strings. Should my hand be resting on the bridge? If someone could post a close up picture of their right hand (or anyone who is doing it properly's right hand) to show me how it should be positioned I'd be grateful.

well i play with my hand resting on the bridge, but i'm trying to kick the habit
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Your pinky finger shouldn't be anchored anywhere and you hand shouldn't rest anywhere. Play without touching the guitar.

John Frusciante rests his pinky on the guitar.
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John Frusciante rests his pinky on the guitar.

Well, what I said is the classical guitar playing style. of course, anyone can do what works for them.
Just know that resting your pinky finger go the guitar can be limiting in some cases.
Very limiting.... You can't fingurepick properly(imho) with your pinky anchored... But I've also been classically trained.. so yeah.
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