What's goin on in my hands...

whenever i play guitar now...I get this weird tingling sensation in my middle/ring fingers.

It only started happening after I started to rack up some pace on the guitar....and it's starting to bug me

please help me UG!!!
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I have the same problem. I haven't figured out yet what excatly it is but I have found a way of stopping it... taking a break. Even if it means for a whole day. Also, make sure you warm up for about half an hour and play really REALLY slowly before building up speed. Don't warm up with big stretches, and if you feel pain doing it then stop and try a different excersize, like tapping or just ridding the open E string to build up stamina in the picking hand, thus leaving the fretting hand open to heal and relax.
have you put anything really tight on your wrist latley? cause it could cut off some of the circulation and the tingling sensation would be the nerves dying