I'm Josh,
I've been writing music like as a one band band for a while recorded on www.myspace.com/blondexrecords
I've like recorded quite a few people around the Wales area but now i want to join and or start a band man.

My musical influences range from *Blondie, Hendrix, Guns'n'Roses, The Clash, No Doubt, Muse and soo many more - I need to meet some people who are passionate abpout music and who want to make great music (Which i could also record) I think this would be so cool.
I think i want a mainly "Rock" band but people who are willing to be epic, I'm into so many genres so i'm open to suggestions for the band.

Lead singer - a female with attitude and real like stage presence - An Icon of desire (seriously) or a male singer but like a rock singer preferably someone who is good at writing lyrics.
Bassist - What ever they'd like - A cool guy jjust a great bassist
Rhythm Guitarist - man whoever you are you'll be in for some fun, A Great guitarist is needed to play rhythm
I would also like a pianist/ Keyboardist - I think that'll be cool
And we need a Drummer = You know who you are

So if anyone, i Mean anyone is interested and like Talented comment me, email me or contact me via my myspaces:


or myspaces::

X Josh