I've narrowed down my search for a new guitar to these two, which do you guys think is better? I play stuff like RHCP, Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Nirvana and a lot of other random metal. My amp is a Roland Microcube and I dont do gigs, I just practise at home. Also, is a Les Paul really heavy(as in weight)? Thanks
Schecter, the weight of a les paul depends on how strong you are. if you are all buff and built it will feel like a feather
They are both decent choices, i personally like the les paul feel. Weight shouldn't really matter its the sound. You said you weren't gigging therefore the weight shouldn't be that big of a factor (unless you are extremely weak)
the EPI LP's are about 9 lb.s in terms of weight (translates as 4.5 kilograms if you're european), which isn't a substantial bitch, but it does restrain the urge to throw the thing around somewhat. the epi LP is a solid guitar, but the pickups aren't the best. Alnico magnets, but thats' about it. They make decent sounds, but a swap really gets them going. Not sure of what's the opposing number in the Schecter, but I'd presume it'll be a duncan designed or something. for GnR and Tallica, I'd go with the Paul.
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the les paul would be about 9-11 pounds. The Schecter C-1 Classic is infinitely better than any epiphone les paul other than the elitists, i mean, neck-through with no heel, mahogany wings with a maple neck and real seymour duncans . The epiphone is an alder/mahogany sandwich with generic stock pickups (that aren't terrible though in my opinion)
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Not sure of what's the opposing number in the Schecter, but I'd presume it'll be a duncan designed or something.

The C-1 Classic has the Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo.

The Classic wins by a lot, but I'm guessing is more expensive...

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Korzack: The Schecter is a JB/Jazz set, it's miles better than the crap on the Epi LP, thats why I said the Schecter is his best bet, it has the 24 frets over the epi's 22, it's probably lighter, and it has a superior set of pick-ups.
A Les Paul is heavy yes, but not that much heavier than the Schecter. You get used to the weight anyway and if you don't plan on playing live and just practise at home, it shouldn't matter too much how heavy it is. I have played the Schecter C-1 Classic and it is brilliant. I own an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and it was my first real guitar. I am very chuffed with it but its not as good as the C-1. the C-1 is more expensive and for good reasons. It has better pickups for starters. It generally has a more accurate build and construction with solid tuning heads and a steady bridge. The neck is thinner than the Les Paul which is something to look at. If you want a neck that fits in your palm easily then the Les Paul would suit better. It makes for easier string bends and complimentative rythme work, and the shorter scale length also takes away some of the string tension, making bends more fluid. But the Schecter has more tonal options and is easier to shred on if you ask me.
I hope that helps.
C1 Classic. Although i like LPs, not much beats that guitar. Neck-thru, JB/Jazz, pretty much heel-less, and has a better cutaway than the LP.