Share your story of your battle scar or broken bonez.
(add pics if you like)
I broke a search bar once... I know this has been done before, I remember posting in it a couple of weeks back. Never mind.

Broken jaw + a scar to go with after slipping at a swimming pool and smashing my chin on the floor.
Broken right ankle
Torn ligaments in right ankle (seperate incident)
Broken left wrist
Cracked ribs x 2
Several broken toes and fingers (broke a toe after dropping a tin of soup on it )
Sprained ankles and wrists a few times.

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I was working one day and my boss asked me to take out the bin cage (which is not my job but i did it anyway) and somone put a razor sharp tin lid into the bin (your supposed to seperate metal into another bin) and it sliced into my finger, and I didnt notice for about 10 seconds till I saw blood pouring down my arm then I fainted xD
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reebar in my left shin
two bad knees, one from football one from hidengoseek
stretch marks? grew 10 inches in 6 months
scarred knuckle from a most unfortunate game of pool
busted forhead open
broke both pinkies
currently have a broken middle finger and two broken toes (all from frisbee)
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iv broke my left elbow three times...unfortunatley, joints never heel properly, so my karate has suffered because of this

the doctor says i need metal implants to replace my knee caps as a result of all the stage antics i do, but i don't like the sound of it so i haven't done it yet

i have a stitche on my right hand just before the wrist and matching stitches on both my eyebrows, none of which are easily seen

the teeth on my bottom jaw are all over the place...too much for braces without having three teeth removed...and i ain't gettin that done...i can't remember what made em crooked though :S i have a feeling it was a fight with some idiot who turned out to actually know what a fist is :/ lol

my right ankle is really loose as i'm always spraining it (another stage antics injury)

and i can't think of anymore serious in juries at the moment
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Broken collarbone,
Broken wrist
Broken ankle
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Broken left arm
Newly broken left ankle (just 2 days ago)
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I have been "injured" numerous times, but I will only list the pretty bad ones in here.

- Badly bruised ribs.
- Tore all of the nerve endings in my left knee. I have no feeling left in it. Ha.
- The cartilage in my right knee is worn down from a bunch of things so now my knee cap slides around pretty good. I only need a knee brace when I'm doing sprinting and lots of pushing off and agility work.
- I got hit in the face with a line drive while throwing batting practice. Had some loose teeth and went on a liquid diet for a week, got a whole bunch of stitches.
- And just recently, I severely sprained my ankle in which I needed crutches for about a week and now I am just hobbling around with a brace on it. Not sure when I'll be able to run yet.
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Scar under my nose that looks like a half a french mustache from crashing my truck and a 2x4 came through the window and punched me in the face. It's faded a lot now though.
Four knuckles in my hands are broken;( right pinky, Right middle knuckle, left middle, and left pinky)
Scar on my knee for hopping a fence and there was a nail sticking out and gashed it.
Broken big toe moving a freezer and dropped it on it.
Do you happen to be an Ork, or are you just an uneducated git who thinks that the letter 'z' is the way to pluralize a word?

But, to contribute, I did once get a fishhook stuck in my eye at the age of four.
I have a wicked awesome scar on my leg from hacking it with an axe while chopping wood :/
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Oh, I had almost forgotten that 'z' has in fact replaced 's' in pluralisms.

oh, i had almost forgotten this is the internet!
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One time i tried to make an epic jump from one side of the pool to the other,
end up with a broken jaw.


I was at "y", broke my jaw at "x".
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I've never broken a bone. I drink lots of milk. LOTS.

Though I do have an awesome scar on my arm in the shape of a bullet shell. I was at the shooting range during this time trial thing, and was laying on my stomach. I had to switch magazines really fast, and my other magazine was laying next to me. When I reached over to pick it up I lied my arm down right onto the shell from the bullet I had just fired, which was still really hot...

I had this weird rectangular blister on my arm for the next few hours.
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