The song is in my profle titled Fire Burns Inside. Tell me what do you think of it overall. And I just played something to the solo to make it sound like something, I may fix it if you think it is worth it. Please crit my other songs ('cept Crazy Computer, the name tells it all) too. Drums with Rhythm Rascal (unregistered version) so that is the reason of the "clicks" you hear about... once in 5 seconds.

Thanks in forehand.

(btw recording took 45 mins, but I think it turned out ok )

//They're only ideas, not complete songs (yet) the idea was that you'd tell me where I went wrong well you cant have everything.
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ehh i listened to them all, not very impressed, deffinate potential in your playing if that helps... =/ hahaha whatever, as long as you like what you're playing, and you're having fun, never quit.
Dio didn't just become the supreme god of all music by sitting around HOPING something would happen.
seems like ur a very skilled guitarist with a good recording quality equipment but you need a sense of melody dude! i know its metal but riffs still need to be melodic in a sense with patterns etc
Lol, get rythm indeed
Try to enjoy your own music m8. You sound like you just wanna get all the notes and maybe some more notes and you wanna do the techniques right and get many notes quickly and play fast and play the song quickly because you know you can do it and...
Your playing's much like that sentance over there . It's not a crime to let a note ring a bit longer. Make a song that you would listen to entirely if it were on the radio
Hey there.
Not too bad riffs overall!
There were a couple different parts where because of the Recording quality, it was very unclear and muffly to hear.
I personally would turn down the drums just a tad and up the guitars EQ.

Crit Mine?
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Pretty brutal death style riffage there man.

I'd suggest you work on composition and timing though; it jumps from riffs very suddenly, without much real flow, and sometimes it seems as though you're struggling to keep up. The lead has a lot of potential, but is rather atonal for my tastes. I like the part where the drums drop out, but again, rather sloppy.

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the first part seemed alright but then after the drum track changed i think that the rhythm didnt or something, either speed up the track or just player slower
I've made two acoustic improvisations. They're in my profile. Tell me what do ya think.