I have been playing electric guitar since last august, and have been doing resonably well imo, but my cousin pointed something out to me. He said that im supposed to have my picking hand rest on the bridge when i play, and i havent done this, and no one, not even my teacher at lessons(which i quit), had corrected me on this. Is it going to affect my playing? will it hold me back smehow? I tried playing (standing and sitting) with my hand on the bridge, but it just feels odd.. should i try to change and play the correct way?
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Hell no, play the way that works best for you, there is no right or wrong when it comes to finding your own style.
there is no WRONG way to play guitar, as long as it's comfortable and sounds good. what you should do, though, is rest your palm on the bridge when muting the strings. i don't always play with my hand resting on the bridge, and it's near impossible on acoustic guitars when sat down because of the shape of them.
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