Ok guys, try not to be too brutal, just constructive criticism. if ur lost, it's inspired by the time that school gets out and people are free to do whatever they want, a.ka., summer. I haven't written one for a long time, so here you go, guys .

Best Time of Year To Feel Good

V1: Convertible hoods let down on the freeway
Warm breeze gently gilding on the driver's skin
As he heads out to the interstate
Thrill seekers, feel free to hop on in
Cuz everybody's born to win

V2: Scent of shrimp and chicken
Frying on the hot backyard grill
Sauce and seasoning all so plentiful
For the mouths it could fill
Tastes sweeter than a daffodil

Pre Ch: Friends all hanging around
Waltzing in and out of town

Ch: Light shines through clouds in the sky
School's out and classes are done
The temp just keeps getting higher
We all want to have some fun
As orange and pink lines border the sun

V3: Surfers hit waves on the beach
While a camper pitches his tent
Mosquitos buzz in the ears of lover on green hills
As they talk about how their carefree days were spent
Youth seems to have returned as fast as it went
These are pretty nice. They made me look forward to summer a bit more. I take it to be a modern rockish song?

Good work.
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Do you folks like folk?
Pretty good for the most part imo. Chorus is good, and like the 1st and 3rd verses (especially the last line of verse 3).

1 bit i think you should deffinelty change is the bit about the daffodil, just seems to be a really strange image to use... Do people really know what daffodils taste like? If you get what I mean, just seems out of place in the song. imo anyway!

Like it mostly though!