my computer has trouble starting up when i get to the section where yo type in your passward it goes to the desktop and then immediatly goes back top the password screen and a little rbox with a red x in it comes up that you have to click close on. so i cannot access the desktop which is really annoying.any one have a ideas on how to get passed this or any ideas or websites i could go to. its some kind of windows XP proffesional so any ideas, thanks.
memory card problems most likley.

if not that, then your aco**** has gone dodgy, therefore you should create a new account using someone elses account and use that.
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Try starting up in safe mode. Keep on pressing f8 on start up and choose to start windows in safe mode. Remove your password and try again. Run a virus scan and anti spyware/adware.
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the problem is that i cant access the desktop to take of the password or backup anything or any of that stuff