Just wondering if you guys can help me out on where to find a genuine les paul custom that's left handed, I can only find right-handed ones so far. Any links or sites would be very helpful, thanks a lot guys!
try gibsons official site. if that doesn't work, Les Pauls are quite handy in the location of the strap locks...do a hendrix and turn the bugger upside down. don't forget that the pick-up toggle is in a wierd place anyway, and the knobs would just be on the other side of the guitar. iv seen people do this with L.P's and SG's so...
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I'm a lefty too... when I upgraded I went with the Les Paul Studio... wine red with gold hardware. I know I have seen other people rag on it, but mine is great for me.
My dad used a Les Paul DC and he was left handed. He just restrung it upside down.