Hi, does any body know where i could get another one of those connectors that would connect your actual amplifier to the speaker itself? To clarify, i mean those things that slide over the two posts on the back of the speaker. Sorry for being a little unclear, i just have no idea what they are called, and this is the best way i can explain it. I'm handy enough with a soldering iron, so that shouldnt be a problem. Any help?
I believe you can make one from a speaker cable.
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You mean the little female electric connectors that slip over the tab on a speaker. Walmart, autoparts places etc will sell em.
radio shack calls them, quick disconnect clips.


also you can just solder the wire to the lug, if you dont mind desoldering it, to get it off.

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^wow thanks a lot, thats just was i was looking for, again thank you