You haven't really offered us much to work with, here.
Like how much do you know about electronics? Do you have much experience with things like this? What exactly do you want the kaoss pad to be controlling? afaik, kaoss pads are a whack load of digital effects in a box, and the pad controls 2 parameters like pots usually would, right? (I'm not asking you specifically, I just don't know much about kaoss pads, so it's for my own clarification, mostly..), and it wouldn't be something very fitting to a DIY sort of application.
What styles of music do you play? That'll help us suggest amps to base your project off of. Again, how much do you know about this stuff? Should we be recommending something uuber high-gain with a ridiculous difficulty level, or something geared towards beginners? Or maybe even just suggesting getting something like a VJ to practice modding first?

I'm not trying to sound harsh or anything, but it just seems like you're getting a bit ahead of your self, here. From the feeling I'm getting, I'd suggest starting with a lot of research, and some simpler projects before you jump into something complicated. If you think you're ready for it, though, then go for it.
im quite sure a kaoss pad would be unmakeable
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well i have built some distortion pedals.. not too complicated ones.. but... eh also have built a mixer. os i guess i'm not complitly beginner.
eh so now about amps... umm i dono i play 60-70's mostly 70's rock. eh hard rock blues.. umm kinda Zeppelinish and Floyd-ish... cream-ish as well... eh may b Purple-ish... oh and i like Satch....
Done this before, I used this guide:

Your welcome!

Misread that.
You can't make it... too complicated. KP1 is like $100 on craigslist anyway.

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that would be do able look up some schematics ask around im sure a few have made their own, you could even buy a kit
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.