I'm looking for any tips you guys might have on how my band can improve our stage presence.

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We've been playing together for years - and we never move enough. I've begun to feel very aware of the problem, but I feel really stupid if I try and move a little more and everyone else stands still.

It's not really a problem at parties or anything when we've had a few drinks and we're around friends. But at slightly more formal gigs - we look like idiots.

Any advice?
that particular show didn't have a lotta room to move so don't sweat it

if you start to move around, the others will eventually start to, just don't give up because you look silly being the only one getting into it

EDIT: the show from the first link


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Because you dont have a singer, you dont have anybody leading the whole thing.

try having each person step forward to the front and 'lead' the band. Always keep eye contact with the crowd and put emotion into your song.

If you're proud of your song, show it and the crowd and other memebers of the band will follow suite.

whatever you do, do not be afraid.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

Rate my playing skills please.
jump around and head bang and roll around
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jump around and head bang and roll around

Haha imagine that with a trumpet... :P

PS: I like Mägo de Oz as well, I've seen them twice and their concerts are friggin awesome.
For you, I could suggest some sort of relaxed/rock & roll stance. Look at the way people like Joe Satriani stand - leaning back slightly.

It's not much, but at least you look a little more comfortable.
...You're the guitarist right?
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the trick is to JUST MOVE. it doesnt matter how or why you move, or if the rest of the band move with you to start with, just move.
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For you, I could suggest some sort of relaxed/rock & roll stance. Look at the way people like Joe Satriani stand - leaning back slightly.

It's not much, but at least you look a little more comfortable.
...You're the guitarist right?


Cheers for the advice. I'll try and apply it next time. Although it probably fail and I'll look like an idiot. At least the Pit will have something to laugh at.
One good thing would be whenever someone solos, that person should step up and go in the center and then walk back when he finishes. This way it draws focus to the soloer and you get movement onstage.

Synchronized moves would be good as well. They don't need to be anything overly fancy or elaborate just some simple moves would work. For example, if the brass players both swayed at the same time.

Besides that, move around and have fun. Throw in some jumps, play a solo on your knees, etc. Anything as long as the movement isn't awkward.
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you guys are good! kinda cat empire...
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There's no right or wrong way to do this, it's a personal choice, but I can tell you that the more experience you gain playing gigs, the more relaxed you become and the more you start to absentmindedly groove with the music. This leads to band members gradualy leading each other on and even copying each other and before you know it, you're all over the place.
Don't try to push it, if it feels unnatural to you, it'll put you off your playing and your entire performance will suffer because of it.
I've seen bands that even though they've been together quite a long time, had only previously played gigs occasionaly, and I've seen bands like that set off to go on tour for a month or two, playing gigs every night or two and come back after the tour with a completely different stage persona.
Just relax, and let it happen naturaly, once your confidence builds up.
Y'see, it's all to do with finding your comfort zone.
I left the first post on the first vid btw, obvious from the name. I play trumpet and guitar. The horn players can do horn movements, sway side to side, up n down, circles; preferably in synch with each other that way it doesn't look messy or anything. As for the guitarist and bassist, like the other post above said, can lean back like Joe Satriani or just move with the music like Steve Vai, show energy as you play. Move with the music. The drummer and bongo player can get away with doing less, bob heads, rock shoulders a little; that sort of thing.Good luck
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Are you kidding me?

You couldn't feel the funk.... If I was there I would of been gloviing.
When I was watching your videos I skipped around to random parts and you were all standing in the same places with the same pose

Stop doing that
You guys just look bored. You don't need to jump around like maniacs, do guitar flips, or martial arts, but just show that you're interested in what you're playing, facial expressions, move your heads, or even just smile every now and again just to let the people know you're not robots. If you're music is good, which from your first video, looks to be so, then you don't need retarded stage antics, but you do need to let the people know that you have an interest in the music. The only person I've ever seen really pull off a convincing "statue" is Derek Trucks, but he's a god among guitar players, so honestly, I couldn't care less if he doesn't move or smile at all.
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As it's been said, you guys look bored.

About 0:46 into the first video the guy playing trombone just rests it on the floor, scratches his nose and stands statue still until it's time to play again.

Watch the first video again, the only guy who's really moving to the music is the guy playing the congos in the back. That's all you've really got to do is move to the music.
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Make sure if someone's not playing at any given moment, they're moving around, dancing around. If you're not feeling it, you can't expect the audience to feel it.

You don't have to go all Angus Young, just take a few steps around in time with the song, kinda strut around like you're confident in yourself. Nod your head, sway side to side, you know, just loosen up.

By the way, I'm really diggin' you guys' sound.
You don't NEED to move.

However if you want to move, "span the horizons" and all that bollocks, there's not point in moving for no reason, move towards a band member to drive them on in face expressions.
Jump into the crowd for a lil' bonding.
Hell tap your foot and bob your head, just don't pace up and down the stage for no reason
The guy rocking the congas seems to have a good thing going. I watched the first video without sound and he's got a great vibe going on with just the smallest movements in his shoulders and legs. I think even turning a little bit to your bandmates can at least give off the impression that you're playing off eachother instead of a bunch of guys just playing their own parts that just so happen to fit together.
Appreciating the comments everyone! My band just found out we're playing on the main stage at this massive local festival. Over 60 bands around and all the other main stagers are huge compared to us! I have no idea why we've been put there, but we going to have to really work on stage presence during practices - so we can show our appreciation!

I really don't want us to look like idiots there. Here's a clicky to the festivals line up -

The Square Fest

We're FreeFall (bottom of main stage list).