So I'm visiting Toronto during the summer with my family. I've been to Canada once before a couple of years ago but that was only to Calgary, Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Anyone got any suggestions for stuff to do/see in and around Toronto?
I live in Toronto...

You could visit the CN Tower and have dinner in it or something. Maybe go to Canada's Wonderland which is a sick theme park in Vaughn i believe. Umm go to the zoo? lol...

Go on the subway with lots of money and an ipod
The Hockey Hall of Fame.
And there's a rumour of 4 Led Zeppelin shows at the Roger's Centre in August.
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Come visit me, I only live 2 hours away from Toronto. But there are lots of places such as the CN Tower (largest freestanding structure in the world), Canada's wonderland, and the toronto zoo.
Walk around Queen St. West, Go to the zoo, Go to Wonderland, See a baseball game, Visit the CN tower, go to Medieval Times (lame, but hilarious if you are with friends). If you are there in August, go to the Ex (basically a huge fair)
You could see We Will Rock You, the musical. It's fantastic.

Canada's Wonderland is pretty sick as well. Not as good as something like Disneyworld or Universal Studios though.

The CN Tower is pretty neat, loses it's thrill pretty quickly though.
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i live in cape breton..**** toronto and come to see me!!!
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I think we're already planning to have dinner at the CN tower so that's cool. We're going to be there late June/early July so sadly no Led Zeppelin shows

Canada's Wonderland was a possibility as well I think so it sounds like it's worth going to.

I'm sure my parents would be thrilled if I went to see some people I met on the internet
Before you go to Vancouver, got to a town called Hope, I'm going to be there in the summer

Shoulda read the post properly....

Toronto blows, go to B.C. again
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Definatly go to Wonderland, it's an OK theme park and not as cheesy as you might think. Also if you blaze there are some places in the city where you can go and smoke weed through vaporizors which is pretty cool, and it's only 5 bucks to be there as long as you want (very chillen guy runs the place). Wouldn't recommend bringing the parents along for that one.

Other than that if you're into the hockey, go to the hall of fame.
^near Kensington Market; which is also a cool place to shop/look around
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Question for the toronto residents (or people who know the city well): Is it really expensive to live there? Like how does it compare to the average costs of cities in the States of that size (if you can gauge that at all)? And how's the music/art scene there?

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