I thought this might complement the other Blues licks thread by focusing on turnarounds only... i hope you'll share your favorite turnaround licks and turnaround chord progressions.

Here's one i've been using:

E --------5-------------4-------------3---------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---5-------5----4--------4----3--------3-----2---------------------
D -------------------------------------------------------3----4----5---
A ------------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------

D -------1-1-2-2-4-4-----------0-0-2-2--------------------------444-444----
A --2-2---------------- 0-0-4-4---------------------2-2-4p2-----222-222----
E -------------------------------------------0-0-4-4------------0-----------------

riff i made up when i was thinkin bout surfish bluesy songs and bring it on home
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Ugh, I have so many of these! But I don't even know what I'm playing when I actually do it. I have some epic ones though.

Here's an easier one:
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
How bout for a blues in Am

Play a Fmaj9 dominant and slide it down one half step?